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Normative management
1) The company adopts a modern enterprise organization model, and the company's ownership, operation and supervision rights are separated.
2, a sound organization and management rules and regulations are the guarantee of your confidence. According to the laws of the market, the establishment of a flexible mechanism, institutional innovation, diverse forms, orderly management, promotion of happy work, and the creation of a unique management philosophy make management flexible, Chengxuyanmi, and clear responsibilities.
Security pickets and management targets are your strong barriers.
4, visit, review the system so that you have no worries. Your valuable comments and suggestions can be adopted and implemented in a timely and effective manner.
Excellent service
(1) Our commitment: if losses are caused by Party B's serious dereliction of duty as a security guard, the liability and amount defined by the insurance company or company shall be compensated according to the investigation of the judicial organ, and the higher compensation for a single accident shall be five times that of the security service fee for the current month. The cumulative higher compensation for the year is RMB 1 million.
We promise that security companies will be responsible for the salaries of security guards, statutory holiday overtime, clothing and equipment expenses, accidents at work, various taxes, benefits related to security personnel, and all types of casualties and departures caused by security guards.
We promise: you have the right to personnel adjustment, reward and punishment proposal, monthly performance of security personnel examination and evaluation and quality of service supervision and evaluation. We will ensure the effective exercise of your rights.
Good quality
1, we recommend to you security personnel, after strict training, licensed.
Our managers are experienced in security management, familiar with all aspects of security management, have good comprehensive quality and ability to handle all kinds of problems in a coordinated manner, and can help your company avoid risks, resolve crises and relieve troubles
Integrity and Compliance
1, field survey, tailor-made, people to do their best
2, "Security Service Classification Management Guard Program" is scientific, reasonable, and detailed
3, pre-Post training, selection for excellence, as scheduled to enter, Yan An style
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